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Water Manager (Water Conservation System)

B.C.S. (HYGIENE) offers an intelligent solution to significantly reduce water wastage in gents urinals.

Over recent years we hear frequently of areas of the country suffering from a hosepipe ban due to a water shortage. Water has become a precious and expensive commodity.

Urinal cisterns can waste an incredible amount of water - water you pay for that is, in every literal sense, money down the drain.

Water savings of up to 85% can be made by installing one of our Water Manager Systems.


A passive infa red sensor in the unit detects when the facility is being used. When movement is detected, a solenoid valve is automatically operated after a period of time to allow the cistern to fill, which then flushes the urinal in the normal way.

During long periods of inactivity, weekends and holidays, the system automatically carries out a 'hygiene flush' once every 12 or 24 hours - as selected, in order to keep the urinal clean and fresh.

The unit uses a long life environmentally friendly battery which is non mercury and non lithium. It has a typical life of 4 years.

Water Management


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